Our Mission

FeelPowerWithin is dedicated to helping you understand your body mechanics. Our goal is to help you to learn how to live your life without incurring injuries or to recuperate to the fullest point post an injured joint. We achieve results by maximizing the amount of synergies to enhance your body’s performances.


FEELPOWERWITHIN’S process starts with each individual deciding to dedicating time and energy toward becoming self aware and strengthening their mind body connection.

  • Identifies the areas where misalignment and negative synergies are harbored by the natural tendency of the body to accommodate loads using flexibility instead of stability therefore allowing compensation to happened and creating muscles unbalances.
  • Our highly trained personnel designs personalized routines and establish strategies to restore the balance within the body.
  • Uses methods that belong to complementary and alternative medicine like massage, cupping and scraping tools, muscle conditioning with Pilates Techniques, healing sounds, aromatherapy and herbs.

INJURY PREVENTION learning how to stabilize joints and maintain body alignment is first requirement to avoid injuries

INJURY RECOVERY once injury occurs a bio-mechanical reconditioning it’s necessary , restore, rebuild the strength within the joint is necessary!

PERFORMANCE OPTIMIZATION learning the finesse and fine tuning of muscles working in perfect synergies to produce a beautiful and effortless movement  that will maximize results and generate maximum power.

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“everything flows, and nothing stays”

“τὰ πάντα ῥεῖ καὶ οὐδὲν μένει”

(ta panta rhei kai ouden menei)

Heraclitus 600BC