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Our Mission is to Help People Empower Themselves by Learning Self Healing.


With this practice we intend to neutralize asymmetries using different techniques from lighter to a deeper pressure, with elongation and stretching of the whole structure to re-balance muscle memory.


Re-install motor patterns that have been lost or forgotten because of the interruption that the injury created by analyzing the essence of functional movements and learn body alignment.


Cardio-vascular ,strength and flexibility are all component of a fit body. The training offers the opportunity to challenge mind and body and build a self-disciplined receptive body that can communicate effectively with the mind and request the necessary care that will bring self healing.

Fitness is the journey, wellness is the destination.

Be proud of yourself by taking this journey, be fit is not easy and involves power in the body and in the mind.


Hear what customers are saying!
  • Since 1996 I have suffered from osteoarthritis...after three years of treatment with Antonella, I am pain free and I can walk and even kneel. She has realigned my body and strengthened my core on the Pilates machine. With deep tissue massage, she has increased the flexibility of my knees. Antonella with her very positive attitude and "Feel Power Within" philosophy has definitely improved my quality of life... I am most grateful for all of her caring and work on my body!
    Lorraine Lung
  • I have suffered for many years with chronic pain and was diagnosed with degenerative disks from my osteoarthritis. I'v been training with Antonella for two years now used her Feelpowerwithin philosophy, combined with massages and pilates. I feel much stronger and I have less pain. I'm now able to understand that my body alignment was incorrect and that my problems could be resolved by learning how to realign my body...I would like to express my thanks to Antonella for using her special experiences to train me for the past two years!
    Jeannette Falk
  • Antonella has helped me overcome multiple injuries over the years. She is a true healer and I would strongly recommend her to anyone for any Massage or Physical Therapy needs!
    Anna Covert