Our Process

FeelPowerWithin's working process in 3 steps

FeelPowerWithins process starts with each individual deciding to dedicating time and energy toward becoming self aware and strengthening their mind body connection.


The first step is to begin to understand the concept of proprioception and how it impacts your body mechanics. Proprioception, from Latin proprius, meaning "one's own", "individual" and perception, is the sense of the relative position of neighboring parts of the body and strength of effort being employed in movement. By becoming aware of your body you can learn to recognize unbalanced muscles that create wrong angles that affect your joints and can cause damage & injury.


The second step is committing to weekly training regiment to help realign the body and rebuild damaged systems. FeelPowerWithin uses a combination of Pilates Techniques, and Massage Techniques to help you building a balanced and symmetrical body neutralizing asymmetries and the damaging effect they have on your body. Through physical work, together we will rebuild and maximize the synergies to enhance your body’s performance. This is done through rebuilding the system of pushing & pulling to which the beautiful body machine is subject to.


Finally, once you become aware of your body's angles and how unbalanced muscles can lead to joint friction and damage of your body, it's important that you continue to deepen your proprioception work and maintain your training. The main goal of joint stability is to preserve the articular space so that friction and the pain that is caused by inflammation can be avoided. This understanding and ongoing training will ensure that you recuperate to the fullest point after an injury, while preventing other new injuries from occurring.

“Only by bringing peace “from the ground up “ can problems higher in the body be “understood”

Referring to the feet by Ida Rolf